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Pack Alpha by Crissy Smith downloads torrent
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Product Details:

Author(s): Crissy Smith

Category: Romance Novels

Date: 2009-04-20

Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0000000000

Format: epub,lit,rtf,mobi,pdf,html,lrf,txt

Book Description:

Product Description: Book one in the Were Chronicles Series Marissa Boyd finds herself drawn into a world she can never be a part of, complete with an Alpha wolf who takes whatever he wants. And he wants her. Marissa Boyd knows, as a non-shifter, she doesn't belong in Pack territory. She braves a visit to attend her sister's mating ceremony and meets the shifter who will change her entire life and beliefs. Gage Wolf knows Marissa is hiding a pained past. As Alpha, he must do whatever it takes to protect his pack, and he considers Marissa a part of that group. Making her his is just an added benefit. When Marissa's old lover tries to claim her for his own, Gage knows he will never let her go and sets out to prove that to everyone else. Now he just has to make her understand that she belongs with the pack and to the Pack Alpha.

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GO Downloads Pack Alpha by Crissy Smith

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